Using old techniques he mixes classical with modern principles. His focus is on recording the silence and those rare moments in which the temporal and the eternal seem to intertwine. The inherent beauty of man unobserved. In that sense he always tries to record that which takes places behind the eyes of the observed or the observer.


He was born in Katwijk aan den Rijn (Netherlands) into a family of builders and fishermen with an eye for craftsmanship. Beauty is not just a function, but a sign of the love and personal hand of the maker. His background taught him that art begins when the craftsman has mastered his instruments and materials in such a way that he can compose music with them. Later on in life he has had the pleasure and opportunity to live in Vienna (Austria), an experience that made him aware of the transitory, the longing and the melancholic nature of that city. At the same time it made him aware of the importance of beauty in daily life. Currently he lives in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands)

Creativity and inspiration

In the family and surroundings in which he grew up expressing your creativity was a given. From an early age he was stmulated to be creative. Initially, his parents weren’t too happy with the choice of medium: waterproof markers on tabletops. He was only a couple of years old when they supplied him with pencils and paper. Surrounded by family antiques, heirlooms, and art he quickly started to ask himself a number of questions. Why is it that some objects seem to exude an inner harmony, Why do some objects evoke emotions? And how come some things seem to tell their own story? This developed into a lively interest in history, art and art history, and resulted in an almost encyclopedic knowledge about these subjects and numerous visits to museums and exhibitions. A love and fascination for art history remained a constant and still influences his choice of subjects, composition and technique.

Technique and study

His introduction in oils started at 16 when an exasperated art teacher wanted to keep him quiet during art class. The medium frustrated him and his teacher challenged him to do better. He pursues this challenge to this day. He wanted to apply to Art Academy, but a painter who knew him advised against this as his style at 16/17 was already too classical for any Art Academy of the day. Completely self taught he studies the techniques of the old masters and tries to integrate this in his own art. Art he very much sees as a culmination of a craft.


The paintings of René have broad distribution: his works can be found in private homes and collection around the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe, Asia, and North America.



“Archetypes”, Brasserie de Archipel, The Hague


Opening exhibition, Mimesia Gallery, The Hague “The Bekkers”, Duna Atelier, Katwijk


Orange Exhibition, Open Hof church, Katwijk

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